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Life can be a long journey, there is much to learn and much to say. I have found that articulating life in written form gives clarity to the chaos and sorts through experience. This is true for writing and reading. I will strive to say what is true, and I will strive to learn something in every post I make: that is the point of an essay.

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I was only Joking

What are we allowed to joke about? What does this show us about the limits we set ourselves and the limits that society places upon us? I have been thinking about the sorts of words that we can use in jest/sarcastically, and those words/concepts which it is taboo to joke about or talk about sarcastically. […]

Why Write a Blog? Is a Blog a Waste of Time?

What happened to storytelling, to having a narrative? One Blogger asked this question in a recent post about the direction of blogging. She’d come across a blogger recommending other bloggers attract more readers by offering their readers useful advice: …figure out what our unique niche is and paint ourselves as an authority, offering them something […]

Beware the Object

I have taken two contrasting approaches to running in my life. One is to run with a specific goal in mind; the other, to run in order to run (i.e. run for the enjoyment of running). When it comes to running, both are fine, but the difference highlights a distinction between two modes of action. […]

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